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Post  Invitado on Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:55 am


[1]. Server is open to all people who wants to play in.

[2]. Admins actions following our servers rules are:

-DoubleSwitch || Camp || Use of Bugs = SPECTATE / KICK
-Glitches || Refuse to UAC2 = KICK / BAN
-Bad Name/Words || Problem Makers = NEWNAME / MUTE - KICK / BAN
\\ Respaw is alowed // Camping its not //

[3]. Weapons wich are NOT alowed are:

PepperGun / GranadeLauncher / PepperSpray.

[4]. Every player have rights to ask to admin why his power
has been used on him. Or make a complaint in our forums
explaining with proofs (videos or screenshoots) why
our admin is abusing of his power.

[5]. For outsider players Spec time is reduced to 5 minuts, after that
any admins can kick him. For members Spec time will not have limit
But admins can kick him too after a prudential time if they think
is necesary or need the slot for more players.
None admin is alowed to kick a Captain or Higer Ranks.

[6]. Please do not spamming on server or you will be mute automaticly.
(Spamming = type many times in a short time).

[7]. AFK arresting is alowed
(AFk = away from keyboard).

[8]. Any player on >69!< Can be asked for UAC2 following our rules for that.


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