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About Cobra's Hobbie - Acerca del pasatiempos de Cobra

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About Cobra's Hobbie - Acerca del pasatiempos de Cobra - Page 2 Empty Re: About Cobra's Hobbie - Acerca del pasatiempos de Cobra

Post  Cobra on Thu Mar 10, 2011 6:14 am

Now maybe people will understand that mostly this was lies...

Only 1 thing wasn't lie that i talk with others players to join my clan when they where

in other clan...

But Sky didn't kicked me....

SH didn't wanna to kick me i leave by my own to create something new

tolomei is my good friend and he teach me many things how to set servers and website

Without his help i will have not so beautiful website

69 Didn't kick me too...

I had never promise to SA powers if he will join my clan...

But Jack I am sad about You...

I think You are just Jealous

My clan in 6 days will have 1 month,

Many good players hear about me...

At my servers many people are playing.

I have good people in my Clan.

And you forget about one thing Jack,

Clan maybe can have history like yours,

but clan are creating people not just 1

I know me and my friends in my clan that

this clan will grow up.

And thx to you other clan know about it to...


Rly thx about it...

You still think I have to be in good relations with others clans??

Maybe i can i am tryining...

But i will don't do it when someone is show to punch me in balls like You Jack

Jack you have maybe 2 or max 3 people who will like playing at my servers lower ping they have. But I think you know names .

But Jack Leaders are not owners of members.

You forget that they are people like me or you or style ( this i am not sure )

They decide in what sociaty they wanna to be...

For our clan we try to choose best players

I choose those who i like and i think they are enough good to become immortal

I forget say some good words to Danita

Diana, you are the most sexy girl i have met which is playing in swat.

You create something by your own with help friends

The same Now i am trying to that.

But Jack is thinking that he is the smarter guy in the world

but he it isn't

All we are people and people are making mistakes.

But I think I am not so bad person how you wanna

to show me Here...

visit my website


:) :) :)

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About Cobra's Hobbie - Acerca del pasatiempos de Cobra - Page 2 Empty Re: About Cobra's Hobbie - Acerca del pasatiempos de Cobra

Post  JACkBAUEr on Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:38 am

U have bad your head! but its ok!
U think that talking good will make u a better person but ok!
Thats up to you! and look me jelaous ? about what? lol

Dude i have been doing enought time in swat to know
all you do is shit around. i aint looking the betters players of any clans
i look people with good aptitud and want to share a good time herer
honesty fact.. i didnt even lose a member 4 u. Gid goes
by how own.. and thats ok 4 me. we are ok in that..

You know im sick enought of your lies here..
And yes u didnt get kicked.."yet"

But remember what nek saids..
"Soon or late" if u dont mix kind of players
you will fall! its just matter of time.!! ;)
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EX-69 Member

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